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Our Story

How it all started...

Founded out of a love for kids, UPPC began as a small mission Sunday school for children on Day island in 1927. Before long, it became a gathering of children and adults from the neighborhood, and a community of believers called Wayside Chapel was born. To be closer to town, they moved to an abandoned tomato shed near our present-day location. The shed was cold; the wind whistled through this single layer of shiplap. A stove was built to warm the room on cold, wet Sunday mornings.

In 1941, Wayside Chapel relocated across the street to the auditorium of UP Elementary, and the new UP Fire Department became its occupants of the warehouse. As a church with an emphasis on education and music, a school was a fitting location. 

Expanding the vision...

University Place Presbyterian Community Church was officially organized on June 3, 1943, with 40 members. The process to build a church was initiated with the purchase of 2.5 acres of land for $850. Members donated not only financially toward the new location, but their own time, supplies and labor. A corner stone and lumber were donated. Stumps were removed from the property. One member told the story of his efforts to dynamite the tree stumps: he was nervous about driving a truck full of dynamite caps, and before he had even reached University Place, his truck was beginning to smoke. In his worry about the dynamite he had forgotten to release the emergency brake!

It would take five years to raise funds for the building and complete the construction. The Chapel was finished September 4, 1949, and today still stands on the original 2.5 acres at the corner of Sunset and 27th. At the time the church had grown to an average weekly attendance of 86. By 1952 and there were 150 members, and 265 adults and children in rolled in Sunday school.

Where we are headed...

From the early days in a tomato shed to now, UPPC has placed an emphasis on Bible study, children, and Christian outreach through missions. The core codes upon which the church was founded are the same core codes we embrace today-they're in our DNA:
As a community of faith, we. . . 

What if every family in a five-mile radius of UPPC experienced the love of Jesus?
In the same way the little Sunday school on Day island sought to bring the love of Jesus to the local community, UPPC is committed to sharing the love of Jesus to those around us today. Within a 5-mile radius of UPPC, there are 80,000 people who don’t yet have a church home or know the love of Jesus. It’s our mission to reach these people around us with Jesus’ love intentionally, spontaneously and tangibly.

Be a part of our story...

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