Who Will Save Us?

Let today's blog summary be a mere augmentation to Pastor Aaron's entire message, which you can hear at UPPC.org/media and the UPPC app.

Read Philippians 2:1-11. 

What does salvation look like in the secular worldview?

Yes, there was an accidental intersection of matter that led to life on earth, but when it comes to the question "Who am I?" the answer lies entirely within the self.  When one is born, one is, in essence, perfect.  The "Eden" of the inner child.  

SIN: Hinders the Self
Anything that hinders you from being your real self is "bad," or "wrong."  This can include any "identity" that an outside influence puts upon you (gender, politics, economy, family, sexuality, etc.)  This means that even binding commitments are seen as "wrong," because they impose upon you being your true self.

REDEMPTION: Self Actualization
To overcome the sin of imposition, "be true to yourself."  Sounds good on a coffee mug, but the truth is that this puts an unbearable weight on an individual.  It implies that you are alone in this world and your redemption is completely up to you alone.  

SANCTIFICATION: Progressive Humanism
Once "saved," the human being's purpose is to progress ever forward in this schema of self-actualization saving one from the hindrance of imposition from being one's true self.  
Consider what this does to the human family and broader community.  Do the math.

This secular salvation schema does not work.  It leads us to attempt escape from life-giving long-term relationships, into fits of pleasure, addiction to entertainment, and medications that are ultimately destructive.  The enemy's temptation of Adam and Eve was a simple idea -- "Make yourself equal to God."

What does salvation look like from the Biblical worldview?

CREATION: God made
No one would look at an iPhone and think it was just an accidental intersection of matter.  The design implies a designer.  The Bible is clear--the world around us is made by God, including ourselves.  

SIN: Hinders God
Thus, any force that hinders the created goodness of the world according to God is bad or wrong.  Contrasting the secular worldview, the truth is that our inflated and distorted view of ourselves is actually what is hindering us from the abundant life Christ promises in himself (John 10:10).  

REDEMPTION: Dying to Self
Christ set the example, as the hymn in today's scripture illustrates.  The Christian, therefore, is to follow that example, albeit with our own mortal limitations, and empty ourselves for the sake of others.  This is the path to abundant life.  

SANCTIFICATION: Fruits of the Spirit
When we die with Christ and are raised in Christ, symbolized in baptism, what begins to grow and flourish in our lives is not a new-and-improved version of ourselves.  It is the fruit of the Holy Spirit, such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  

This Christian salvation schema does work.  Twenty centuries of history and millions of testimonials tell the tale.  

- Which of these salvation schema is your reality?
- In which schema have you placed your hope?
- If you are believing the secular schema, is it bearing good fruit in your life?  In your community, nation, or world?
- If your eyes have been opened to see the emptiness of the secular schema, but you don't know what to do about it, call or email us at UPPC.org.  We'd love to hear you and walk through your next steps together.  

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