Grades 10-12

When We Gather

Wednesdays 8-9pm | September-June

 Hangout with friends, de-stress, and play exciting games. Discover who God is and give students the life tools to build an identity around the true cornerstone: Jesus Christ.  

Sundays 9:30-10:30am

High School small groups  meet Sunday mornings  at The Wayside café, have small group, and then attend the 11am  church service together as a group.

Small groups are a great chance to dive deeper into your faith with others who are interested in learning more. These groups offer an opportunity to grow closer to others and God.

Mission Trip to Mexico- Updated Info 

Dear families,
I am writing you to let you know that we unfortunately have come to the decision to cancel the Mexico Mission Trip for 2022 due to low enrollment. This decision did not come lightly.  We spoke with our the staff in our department, our elders on session, and consulted with the ministry team.  Everyone we spoke with concluded that for this year, we need to pivot our focus to getting people signed up to go to Young Life’s Malibu Club in Canada from July 27th-August 2nd.  There is a lot more interest in Malibu from our High Schoolers, and the experience you get from going to Malibu is second to none. All fundraising efforts from this year for the mission trip will be honored for each student, and transferred over should they wish to attend Malibu.  The registration link is below.  

 We have not given up on trips down to Mexico.  The relationship we have with the El Niño community down there is special for us and for them.  I spoke with Pastor Tury Nuñes yesterday, and we are brainstorming ideas moving forward.  While Covid has really hurt the momentum behind the Mexico Mission Trip, it is giving us an opportunity to take a step back and evaluate how we can do this better.  

 One idea we are seriously considering is an intergenerational trip to El Niño open to adults as well as students and families during Spring Break of 2023.  This would give families an opportunity to go together, serve the Lord, and experience the community.  

 While I am sad we are having to cancel the trip, I believe the Lord is good, and is actively directing our steps to help give our kids and families the best opportunity to serve Him and grow in our faith.  
 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  

Rob Clark

Meet the Leader!

Rob Clark, Director of Youth & Children

"It’s an honor to walk on sacred ground with students as they find escape from the pressures of life, begin to discover their identity, and how they fit in this world.  My hope is that as students graduate and move on to other things, they can look back at their time at UPPC and know that this is a place where they belong and they can then walk into the world with an understanding of who they are and what they are called to."

My story serving at UPPC

Lauren Arkills, youth worship leader

Being able to participate in and lead the worship band for the past 8 years has challenged me in my faith, pushed me to trust in God, as well as taught me how God uses me for his kingdom. For me specifically, God has redefined the word “serve” over the past few years I have been a part of the worship band. I have learned that by serving God whole-heartedly I am truly able to find joy and peace. For me, my walk with Christ is a never ending relationship filled with devotion, love, and serving the God who never fails to love me no matter what.

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