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safe haven

For I was a stranger and you invited me in

Matthew 25:35

UPPC's Safe Haven Ministry welcomes refugees and other local immigrants seeking a safe place to call home. 

Refugee resettlement

Help newly arrived refugees resettle in the area!

World Relief is receiving a large influx of refugees resettling in the Tacoma area who need a sense of community and belonging! Learn how you can help below.

Resettlement Assistance

Build friendships and community with refugees resettling in our area!

The first few months of resettling in another country is extremely isolating and lonely when, after being forced to leave all that you know, you arrive in a culture that is unfamiliar,  you only know a handful of words in the native language, and you don't know anyone except for the few family members who may have come with you.  Friendships and relational support from local residents provides newly arrived refugees a sense of community and belonging, allowing them to rebuild their lives in the comfort of knowing that they are welcomed.

Current assistance opportunities include supporting UPPC's latest Good Neighbor Team,  supporting a local Host Home provider,  or volunteering to be a Host Home for a newly arrived refugee family. Time commitments can be as little as a few hours a month to several hours a week, depending upon availability.  

Donate Goods

UPPC's Good Neighbor Team will be helping one refugee family move into a nearby apartment this spring. Help furnish the apartment by donating gently used furniture items and/or purchasing items from our gift registries.

Donate Funds

Make a financial contribution to UPPC's Safe Haven ministry and help refugees receive the essential items and services they need to rebuild their lives.  

Post-Release Welcome Team Volunteers 

Be a warm and friendly face to those released from Tacoma's ICE Processing Center!
Home to the nation's fourth largest immigration processing center, dozens of immigrants leave Tacoma's ICE Processing Center every week looking for repite, a warm meal and transportation before heading to their next destination.  One weekend a month, Safe Haven Welcome Team members receive released detainees outside the processing center and help them navigate the next steps on their journey. This involves helping people contact family and friends, providing guidance for travel to a next destination, navigation to host homes and temporary housing, and supplying food, backpacks and clothing.  Though these encounters are brief, they have a meaningful impact on all involved.  Email [email protected] to volunteer.

Social Services Volunteers

Assist refugees and asylum seekers navigate local community resources!
Social Services Volunteers assist asylum seekers and immigrants staying in the Seattle-Tacoma area navigate community resources while they look for work and permanent housing. Volunteers are able to provide assistance virtually with occasional visits to World Relief's Kent office.  More information at

Temporary Housing

Provide temporary housing for newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers!
World Relief matches newly-arrived refugees, asylees, SIV holders, and immigrants leaving the ICE processing center in Tacoma with local Host Homes who provide a safe place to stay, friendship and much needed rest for those in a time of transition.  Most volunteers host1-3 individuals one weekend a month. Some are asked to host longer based upon the host's schedule and the needs of the program. More information at

Other Opportunities

ESL Friendship Class

Open to all adults, this weekly class helps participants improve their use of spoken English. Volunteers work with students to help them learn and practice English, and create friendships along the way.  Basic computer skills and an e-mail account are required! For details, contact Marion Tilley, [email protected].

Class meets Wednesdays, 9-10 am, via Zoom.

Supplies for Asylum Seekers

Crafts & Yarn for Asylum Seekers

Immigrants released from the NW Immigration Detention Center often leave with no more than the clothes on their back.  Donate new underwear, socks,  hotel-sized toiletries, gently used jackets and other adult clothing items by emailing  [email protected]. Or order items from the approved Amazon list and have them delivered to AIDNW Hospitality House, 1915 S. Sheridan Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405.
Asylum seekers in the NW Immigration Detention Center pass the time by crocheting and crafting with donated supplies. Order items from the approved Amazon list and have them delivered to AIDNW Hospitality House, 1915 S. Sheridan Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405.

Volunteer with World Relief

Help refugees prepare for employment. Serve as an ESL assistant, Become a refugee youth mentor.  Check out these and other volunteers opportunities at World Relief Western Washington:


Write letters, emails and make phone calls to help ensure there is local and national support for immigrants.  More information at