Growing Together with Purpose
June 6th, 2021
As springtime draws near its close, I've noticed lately the sounds of spring in particular: birdsong, the rush of breeze...the roaring mowers and weed whackers!  Why?  Because in the PNW, growth happe...  Read More
History, Cosmology, and the Church
May 30th, 2021
In Ephesians 3:1-12, Paul reminds us that one day, the new creation.  We're focusing this week especially on verses 10-12.  "Unseen rulers and authorities in the heavenly places."  How will God choose...  Read More
The Wall is Torn Down
May 23rd, 2021
Today is Pentecost Sunday -- 50 days after Jesus' resurrection the Holy Spirit came powerfully upon Jesus' followers and enabled them to enact Jesus' ministry as his Body, the Church.Over the centurie...  Read More
Made Alive in Christ
May 16th, 2021
We are here.  The question is, "Why?"  Isn't that the ultimate question of human existence?To explore that fundamental question, let's consider a simple object: a work glove.Designed particularly for ...  Read More
Hope in Tough Times
May 9th, 2021
Paul's words in Ephesians 1:15-23 are very well known among Bible readers as an anthem to Christ's victory in a troubled and troubling world.  Traditionally, this is the passage read on "Ascension Sun...  Read More
For the Praise of His Glory
May 2nd, 2021
Youth Minister Rob Clark brought the teaching this week and opened with a statement as offensive as it is shocking: He has never seen The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Dr. Mark Roberts likens Paul's int...  Read More
To Bring Unity to All Things
April 25th, 2021
"What is your church's stance on...public transit."This is an actual question Pastor Aaron was asked once.  Does it seem a bit out of place?  it should. The reason is that what the pastors or members ...  Read More
All in the Family
April 18th, 2021
This week we continued in considering WHO we are (last week, as "holy,") to WHOSE we are -- God's adopted children.Take a look at this moving story of Angelina's adoption: Type your new text here. It'...  Read More
Holy Heathen
April 11th, 2021
On Easter Sunday, last week, Pastor Aaron focused on God’s radical embrace as expressed by Jesus in Luke 15, which Aaron called “The Embrace of the Father”.  God’s loving embrace of the world, display...  Read More
The Embrace of God
April 5th, 2021
Happy Easter!Pastor Aaron wrapped up the "A Time to Embrace" series ... sort of.The truth is that we will be contemplating God's embrace for a long time, and we really should, even for a lifetime.  I'...  Read More
The King's Mission
March 27th, 2021
Throughout this series, "A Time to Embrace," we’ve been talking about embracing people.  Palm Sunday compels us to ask: “Will we embrace JESUS?”  The day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of ...  Read More
Setting a Trap
March 21st, 2021
In Paul's letter to the Romans, he was writing to a young church deeply divided on ethnic grounds.  And those ethnic grounds also implied moral grounds.  In chapter 1, Paul sets the stage for his list...  Read More