A Matter of Life and Death

"To live is __________."  How would you fill in the blank?

This week we look at Paul's letter to the Philippians, chapter 1 verses 12-21, and explore the meaning of life.  

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Main points from today:
1) To live is CHRIST.

2) When our lives are in Christ, our limits become liberating.

3) When our lives are in Christ, our competitors become collaborators.

God in heaven, I'm ready to die to myself, because living for myself is killing me.  I am ready to say yes to Jesus, who saves me from sin, death, and even from myself.  I am ready to say yes to Jesus and give him lordship over my life.  I want to be like Paul and live for Christ.

If you are ready to pray this prayer, please get in touch with Pastor Mike, so he talk walk with you through the next steps of your life in Christ.

Grace and Peace!

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