The Third Way: The Way of Jesus

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This week:
The Third Way: The Way of Jesus

1) Re-read Matthew 5:3-12.  Which of the beatitudes challenge you?  Which inspire you?  Do you see Christians in America living these out?  What would be the result of more Christians living the Jesus Way as he taught in Matthew 5-7?

2) Pastor Aaron compared our current American political dialectic to a rigged carnival game.  Do you think it's a rigged game?  Why or why not?  After months of vitriolic and bitter verbal and physical violence from the summer of 2020 until the US capitol rioting on Jan. 6, 2021, what good has come of playing this "rigged game"?  Is there another way?

3)  Reflect on the saying "Words create worlds."  Are you willing to accept the responsibility you've been given to "create worlds" with what you say, and certainly with what you do?  Can you think of a time when your world was shaped by someone's words?  Or when you perhaps shaped someone else's with yours?  What responsibility do Jesus' followers have right now with what we say and do?

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