The Third Way of Jesus is marked by the most important aspect of following Jesus: worship.  

Psalm 95 invites us to worship: “Come, let us…”  But Covid-19 has been so deeply challenging because it has disabled that very thing in so many ways (signified by the empty pews behind Pastor Aaron during this morning's message).  

Studies show that our desires actually mimic our surroundings, so when we can't gather for worship, our desires reflect other surroundings (like our families, our politics, etc.)  Likewise, gathering for worship reshapes our desires toward God.

When we worship, we sing for joy, we recite words of praise, and we remember our place and purpose in the world.  We hear and say the truth of God's love, sovereignty, righteousness, and call to follow him in Christ as ambassadors of God's good reign and abundant eternal life.  

When we worship, we remember God is in control.  Psalm 95 proclaims that God is the Great King above all gods, and the Creator of heavens and earth.  And yet, at the same time, God is present at the highest heights and deepest depths.  

When we worship, we remember that we are the sheep of our Great Shepherd.  The same God of majesty is the God of intimacy.  We are invited, even called, to draw near to God in worship, who even wants us to hear his voice (Ps. 95:7).

Imagine yourself a child being tossed into the air by your playful, strong, and loving Father.  You’re in mid-air and might have a flash of wondering if he will actually catch you.  When we lead our lives through worship, we proclaim, hear, and remember that he will every time.  

For reflection:
1) What is your personal history with worship?  Did you grow up going to church for Sunday worship?  Is it new to you?  Are you unfamiliar with worship?
2) What is the difference between "going to church" and worship?  The two are often used synonymously, but they can be independent of each other.
3) Covid has forced us to worship without the Jesus community.  What has been the result for you?  For the Church?  For the country and world?  
4) If God is your shepherd, what needs does God need to fulfill for you or our world this week? 

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