The Third Way: Jesus at the Center

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Colossians 1:15-23

Question from today's teaching: 

1) When religion and tradition are not centered in Jesus, they are unhealthy.  Have you ever experienced religion and tradition in this unhealthy way?

2) The primary way of Jesus is love.  But not sentimental love.  It is radical, generous, and self-sacrificial.  Where have you experienced this kind of love specifically from Jesus' followers?

3) Do you think it is fair or unfair for the culture to characterize Christians as "unloving" or "competitive"?  Discuss.

4) Discuss this idea: If the way we live as Christians is like a game of winners and losers, then whoever wins, both sides lose.

5) Discuss this phrase: "The ends are the means."

6) If a men's football coach in the '90s can embody the self-giving love of Jesus, anyone can.  What choices must you make to grow more like Jesus in this self-giving love this week?

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