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Do you enjoy reading summaries of Sunday's sermons?  Are they useful to you as a supplement to hearing the teaching in person or recorded later?

Preaching pastors design Sunday teachings to be spoken and heard, which is a special and most ancient way of communicating...well anything.  Including the Word of God.  

But some people find it helpful to have a written summary of those messages, for study on their own or in families, groups, etc.  

Years ago, I began using this blog as the venue for those summaries, and I've been glad folks have used it as a resource.  But the time has come to share the opportunity of writing sermon summaries for others' edification.  

If you fancy yourself a good note-taker and writer, I'd like to invite you to write to me at [email protected] and start a conversation about what it would look like for YOU to help others learn from the sermons by writing summaries for this blog.

Until then, I'd encourage you to worship with us live in person or online to learn God's Word alongside others.  If there are teachings you've missed, you can always catch up at UPPC.org/media.  


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